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We are a fish keeping club and an aquatics society, made up from a rich cross-section of keen fish keepers,hobbyists, ranging from the casual keeper to the very experienced fish breeder, geneticist and zoologists. Please see Club meeting times and location for details.

Every body is welcome to attend our meetings


Posted June 10, 2010 by Philtoons

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  1. November the 10 2015

    Bracknell fish club are proud to announce

    Peter Cottle the authoritative on Danios and Devarios

    Peter will be giving a presentation on the above subject at the community centre Birch Hill (near Aldi).

    Peter is an author on this subject and possibly the worlds leading authority.

    His book will be on sale on the night, a must for the novice and experienced alike

    Time 8.00 pm, refreshments available on the night.

    This is an open evening so all are welcome. Don’t miss it!

  2. On behalf of the Bracknell club, I hope all our visiting exhibiters had a successful day, what more could a club ask for, lovely weather, and a great bunch of guys and gals, all wanting to get one over on the next one, lol, we had a great time putting on the show, and hoped you enjoyed it too, I would like to say a big thank you our sponsors, for there great prizes that they donated to our club, and the 6 judges, who travelled from far and wide to be there too, and a special congratulations to Joe Blair, on winning the diamond class, M, (any other egg layer) with a snake head Chana Asiatica, his first ever championship class win, well done mate, it was a good day for our members and a great day for our club, thank you all for making it a great susses

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